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Our Mission

The Eastside Lions Rugby Club develops and inspires our athletes across several key foundational pillars, contributing to each team member’s physical and mental well-being. 

  • Players.  Our club instills a strong work ethic in every player on and off the pitch, fostering in each athlete the club’s core values of respect, accountability, team spirit, leadership, and responsibility -- all while having fun.

  • People.  Our club’s core attributes help establish solid foundations for our athletes, providing them with useful tools and strategies.  Moreover, our Eastside Lions community values its strong and committed parent network who contribute their talents and time in supporting our club throughout the year.

  • Possibilities.  Eastside Lions rugby teaches its athletes the importance of a positive mindset, aiding our children in their personal growth. The club’s core values empower our athletes with curiosity, inspiring them to try new things at home, at school or at play. 

Join us today for a free training session!  Click here to sign our waiver.

​​New to rugby?  Come join the Eastside Lions Rugby Club for training practices for boys and girls in 1st – 12th grades, no prior rugby experience necessary.   The Eastside Lions Rugby Club is committed to developing players in a nurturing environment supported by an active and committed parent network.  

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